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School Library
Student Books
Eagle Emporium
Student Store
Computer Lab
Media Center
Cuneiform Art
Social Studies
College Banners!
School Spirit!

Programs We Offer!

  • Computer Lab!
  • Library!
  • Science Olympiad!
  • Intermural Sports (After School Program)!
  • Science Camp!
  • School Government!
  • School News Broadcasts!
  • ASES and 21st Century (After School Programs)!
  • GATE!
  • STEAM!
  • Foothill Family (School Based Counseling)!
  • Robotics (After School)!
  • Coding!
  • School-Wide Reading Challenges!
  • Rocketery!
  • Art Integration!
  • Art Classes (Fee-Based After School)!
  • Reading Clubs!
  • Expanded Learning Opportunity (After-school program)!
  • Rise and Shine Awards Assemblies!
  • Extended Recess!
  • Dessert with the Principal!
  • Prize Treasure Box!
  • Eagle Tickets!
  • Eagle Raffles!
  • Brain Bucks!
  • Eagle Emporium (Student Store)!
  • Sports Equipment!
  • Class Treats! -
    Pizza Party! Popcorn! Candies! Ice Cream!
Awards Assembly
Quality Teachers!

Unstoppable Staff! Always ready to serve!